George K. Staropoli



Mr. Staropoli is an Arizona resident who has been active as a homeowners rights advocate since April 2000, appearing several times on  a live talk radio HOA advocacy show, On The Commons , heard internationally over the internet. He also appeared before a Nevada Legislative committee, the Arizona HOA Study Committee, and testified before several Legislative committees; and has been active in submitting homeowner rights issues to the legislators, the media and the public. His opinions and views have appeared in the national media, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, CNN/MoneyOnline and in the New York Times, as well as on local TV news and in local Arizona newspapers. He is editor of Buyer’s Guide to Living in a Community Association,  which has been distributed nationally to policy makers, the media and to libraries.  


And he is author of The Case Against State Protection of Homeowner Associations, reaching a growing audience of concerned people. The author, a veteran homeowner rights activist, makes his case against state government protection of homeowner associations.  He documents, using his appearances before the Arizona Legislature, state legislative hostility toward upholding the civil liberties of homeowners with their broad, misguided  interpretation of “private contract” prohibitions, and  the use of statutes that favor the HOA; he provides numerous supporting materials from US Supreme Court, federal appellate and state court decisions; he provides research and publications by political scientists going back to 1992; and he even provides, in support of the advocates, the publications of the national  trade organization that lobbies state legislatures against returning homeowner associations to the American system of government.


In 2000 he founded and is president of the nonprofit Citizens Against Private Government HOAs, Inc, Scottsdale, AZ.  Citizens Against Private Government HOAs, Inc (CAPGH) is a nonprofit organization seeking to inform the legislators and public about common interest property issues and to expose the prevalent myths and propaganda about carefree living in an HOA.




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