Surprise, Az

Software Products & Development / Contract Programming
.NET, C#, Basic, SQL, mySQL, Javascript, Android Apps, Windows 10


STARMAN GROUP, 1990 to present

Contract Programming:

Since 1992 we concentrated on programming for the PC and developed several products using FoxPro, C++, VC MFC, VBA, MS ACCESS 97, ASP, activeX, client/server JavaScript and JAVA.

FoxPro -- Since Aug 1991

Developed database for randomization of events for simulation of experiences in growing up in america (Destination: Earth game). Recommended by well-known educator and columnist in her book "The Value of Family". Prepared distribution package. Also developed DB for business broker listing inventory.

C++ -- Since Feb 1995. VC5 MFC since July 1997

Wrote packages for screen saver slideshow using personal photos for display with options for wallpaper and/or background colors; developed FoxPro graphics interface using C++ dlls for graph production and movie presentation in game; designed and developed natural langauge SQL generator, providing DLL, COM, ATL, activeX linking, including MS Access 97 add-ins. Client/server version of SQL generator using ASP pages.

From August 1997 to present has been spent developing DALIS-SQL english to SQL translator using MSVC++ 6 and MS Access 97. Modules for DLL, COM, activex component (Client/server under ASP), activex control and internet java speech module.


Java -- Since Feb 1996

Wrote several applications and applets to store/retrieve data for file inquiry on internet, dialog popup, Java/Com useing compound awt components, ftpClient and images, Javascript. Available as simNetQ at our site. Also modified code for existing commercial widget package.



In addition to our 20+ years experience in computing, systems design and project management, we are a unique management advisory firm that provides general management consulting to owners and/or senior executives of small firms. We specialize in financial reviews and analysis of control systems for improved performance.

* Reviewed business plan for $3.8 MM environmental firm and proposed

restructuring for 3-5 year IPO and provided investor pricing strategies.

  • * Conducted indepth financial performance review for $2 MM POS systems firm and advised president of the need to revise firm's financing plan.

    * Developed decision support systems for start-up marketing firm and setup its accounting system.

    * Reviewed financing plans for several firms seeking investors and/or venture capital.

    * Developed several financial tools to evaluate health of a business and to isolate areas needing management's attention.


    Experienced senior executive with Fortune 500 and small business start-up background. Executive skills demonstrated over 11 year period: co-founded and was CEO of three firms - 8 year old software consulting firm and 5 years in business consulting, and mergers & acquisitions firm. As vice president for a leading international financial services firm, had major influence at Board level on successful corporate-wide, multi-million dollar data communications project



    MS in Management - Polytechnic University (1976) (now NYU Poytechnic Institute)

    Member of the Board of Directors: Valley Citizens League; Conshaugh Lakes Community Assn, an 800 member private community; Data Processing Management Assn (DPMA) of New York. Founding member of the CEO Clubs of New York, a private organization of small business owners; Arizona Software Association.