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Updated Juky 4, 2009


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    The Foundations of Homeowners Associations and the New America (eBook; complete PDF file).

Part I  -- The Mass Merchandising of Planned Communities (Complete PDF.)
Part II -- National Lobbyist for HOA Principalities. (
Complete PDF.)
  Part III -- American Political Governments: HOAs under servitude law & local government under the Constitution. (Part III.)  "It is an inescapable conclusion that we live today in a New America consisting of private government HOAs subject to servitudes law, and of democratic local government subject to the US Constitution."



Arizona HOA Laws & Issues documentary. (Must use your Internet Explorer browser).

Document those important association meetings and events with video.    We will convert your DV and VHS tapes to DVD. Either a simple conversion or a documentary still production. See videos below for samples. 

Email us information about your tape and we will provide a quote:  StarManPub  

HOA  Special Interest

The Case Against State Protection of Homeowners Associations
George K. Staropoli
StarMan Publishing, LLC
2003, ebook edition, 163 pp, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2  $5.00 ebook price 
ISBN 0-9744488-1-8

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Buyer's Guide to Living in a Community Association          AVAILABLE IN EBOOK ONLY (PDF)
George K. Staropoli, editor
Citizens Against Private Government HOAs, inc
2001, 120 pp, paperback, $5.00

StarMan Publishing, LLC
2003, 117 pp, eBook edition, $3.00
ISBN 0-9744488-0-X


Somewhere Over the Rainbow DVD
A video documentary of the Arizona Senate Government Committee hearings on HOA bills,
April 4, 2004. 40 minutes. $7.00 S&H



Homeowner Rights Advocacy 2006 DVD Series

Vol. 1, Arizona, 2 DVD set (116 minutes) Homestead Exemption and Foreclosure limitation bills before the Arizona Legislature.

Vol. 2, Texas, 2 DVD set (120 minutes) Texas Legislative hearing on HOAs and proposed uniform community associations act, TUPCA, of March 31, 2006. (Less than DVD quality).

Vol. 3, Texas, DVD (120 minutes) Texas Legislative hearing on HOAs and proposed uniform community associations act, TUPCA, of October 2, 2006.

For more information about homeowner rights, see the Citizens Against Private Government HOAs web site. For updated information, sign up for our free eNewsletter by clicking on the Newsletter button above.

StarMan Publishing, LLC, George K. Staropoli, Publisher




  The Foundations of Homeowners Associations and the New America.
Part I  -- The Mass Merchandising of Planned Communities
Part II -- National Lobbyist for HOA Principalities

  Commentaries on Private Neighborhoods

  HOAs: Laws & Issues, with video

   Review of Contracting Communities

Advocacy references -- books, articles, court cases and organizations.

 The Role of the FHA in Planned Communities.

Ventana Lakes POA Murder Trial -- former homeowner kills 2 board members over HOA's right to trim his shrubs.

Hiding the truth about HOAs has brought about a new social order in America.

How the courts allowed CC&RS to be binding contracts.

Report on Arizona Legislature and its failure on HOA reforms, 8/00 - 5/02, Arizona (PDF)

 What the Public Doesn't Know About Homeowners Associations and Why

Homeowner rights pioneer advocate Prof. Evan McKenzie Speaks Out. (pdf)

A California Appeals court explains adhesion contracts and determinations in regard to unconscionable contracts not as good public policy. Required reading for applicability to the CC&R adhesion contract.