Do HOA members have values differing from the public in general?

 The US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our democratic system of government are bigger than any of us, bigger than businesses, organizations, groups, nonprofits and local private governments.  They are the fabric that holds this country, the states and the local governments together to maintain an orderly society, an orderly community. Otherwise there is chaos or dictatorship.

StarMan Publishing* is conducting a survey to assess whether there are differences in personalities and character between persons living in HOA communities from those living in traditional residential communities.  Do the members of an HOA constitute communities or societies distinguishable from public communities?  It is estimated that some 23% of US population live in an HOA of some kind.

Twenty short questions are asked to form this assessment.  All questions must be answered --  there is a "not sure" response.  It is estimated to take only 5 minutes for this important survey. For those respondents who live in an HOA, an additional eight questions are asked with respect to the respondent’s attitude toward the HOA.   All responses and email addresses will be kept confidential. Results may be used in research studies.  Recipients are urged to participate.


Take this important survey HERE.

Click  RESULTS as of Sept. 21, 2019. Results will be updated from time to time.


* StarMan Publishing, LLC is a nonprofit producer of books and videos relating to homeowners associations, their legal structure and model of private government. George K. Staropoli, is a homeowner rights advocate for over 18 years and the publisher and editor.