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April 7, 2006

The following audio - video files have been prepared as educational segments that discuss important issues and events.  The media has for years demonstrated a lack of interest in homeowner associations, regardless of the affects on our constitutional rights and freedoms, and the governmental support and protection of the essentially undemocratic, private government of planned developments.

These files are geared to downstreaming players like WIndows Media Player that accept MPEG4 formats.  They are kept to less than 15 minutes in duration, but viewing will commence in less than 3 minutes as a result of the "streaming" process.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow -- A DVD (-R format) documentary of the HOA reform bill hearings by the Arizona Senate Government Committee on April 6, 2004.  Hearings on a foreclosure and a due process bill are shown.  (40 minutes). 
ISBN-13: 978-0-9744488-2-4 / ISBN-10: 0-9744488-2-6



Homeowner Rights Advocacy 2006 DVD Series

Vol. 1, Arizona, 2 DVD set (116 minutes) Homestead Exemption and Foreclosure limitation bills before the Arizona Legislature.

Vol. 2, Texas, 2 DVD set (120 minutes) Texas Legislative hearing on HOAs and proposed uniform community associations act, TUPCA, of March 31, 2006. (Less than DVD quality).


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DATE FILE transcript

Topics and Issues discussed

March 7, 2006 AZ Rules Committee
NO CBS TV, Phoenix KPHO, news clip on Rule Committee holding substantive HOA reform bills. 3 min.
Jan - Mar 2006 CBS_TV news AZ HOA bills
HOA Bills
NO News videos from KPHO.com, CBS TV in Phoenix, covering the status and progress of Arizona HOA bills. 5 min.
April 6, 2004 Farnsworth - HB2402
NO Video of Rep. Farnsworth's position on his foreclosure bill, April 6, 2004 Arizona Government Committee hearing (12 min).
April 13, 2004 "Over the Rainbow" Narrrative only .DOC DVD of April 6, 2004 Arizona Government Committee hearing on HOA foreclosure/liens and penalties bills is available. 40 minutes.
Feb. 9, 2004 audio mp3 NO Local Phoenix Area Fox 10 News interview on HOA bills.
Feb. 25, 2003 audio mp3 NO Arizona Legislature Senate Government Committee hearing on HOA bill to remove draconian foreclosoure measures.
Oct 27, 2002 vn2 NO Discusses constitutional questions, lobby, legislative reform vs. court complaints and social change movement
Nov. 7, 2002 vn3 YES Emphasis on the failure of our government to tell homeowners the truth about living in an HOA and the potential to disrupt the financial status of homeowners who  are currently pleased with their HOA governance.
Dec 23, 2002 mckenzie_organize NO Prof. Mckenzie's segment from On The Commons on the need for advocates to organize and the obstacles to success. (10 min. audio).

With Liberty and Justice Forever--  A Video CD documentary of the April 21, 2004 HOA debate in Green Valley, AZ (34 minutes).

Note: A Video CD can be played on certain DVD players and by Windows Media Player on your PC. For WMP, click on File, then you need to click on MPEGAV folder and then click on MUSIC01.DAT.

Available CDs/DVDs  Just $7.00 to cover all costs. (see books order information for books).


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